18 Şubat 2016

The medical device production with high added value is on target of the sector

osman arıkan nacar

Ministry of Health decided to increase the home production rate by tending towards Research & Development and software in the high-tech medical device, aims to make Turkey a production base and attraction centre. Associate Professor Osman Arıkan Nacar, the head of Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices; at his statement, said that they prioritized the rules of quality, activity and productivity in theservice to the people in the health sector. Associate Professor Osman Arıkan Nacar, declaring 15 percent of the medical devices used in Turkey was taken from local and 85 percent from abroad, said “There have been a 3,5 billion Liras consumption in 2014 for the state. The payments the people rendered are except. With the local production it is aimed to save as 20 percent” . Nacar, declared that one of the subjects taken place in the Action Plan of the government was promoting the local production for medical device, and the said sector was not independent frm the state and not managed and developed without the state. Associate Professor Nacar said that the Research and Development was very importüant in the sector and the state supported it in order to make development, and added “In the medical device field, there are many companies which are making high quality production. It has been developed within 5 years and still continuing. We are now producing 15 percent of the medical devices in Turkey. The local production rates are the same as all countries taken place in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We hope we will reach 20 percent target earlier instead of 2023.”

Hi-Tech Products

Associate Professor Nacar said that the medical devices contained high and low technology and added “In Turkey tpe hi-tech medical device production is less than low-tech ones. In Turkey some products such as x-ray apparatus are being produced. some are assembled and some are made of raw materials. Turkey, beside the technology in the medical devices, is making an attempt on the software used in the products. In the targets the government declared there are some resources such as university, industry, researchers and human who will be able to make high tecknology medical devices. For this, TUBITAK, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Economy and our foundation will work and realize those targets in an integration. Making hi-tech and high added value products are at the target of our ministry and sector.”

Export Target

Associate Professor Nacan the government had a target to make a sector which is producing hi-tech products and exporting. Nacar declared that first of all the exportation would be to the near countries and then far ones. Associate Professor Osman Arıkan Nacar said that the medical device sector in the countries around Turkey were based on the importation and added “We try to be production base and Research & Development center in the region by using ur geopolitical advantage. The policies suitable for this target will be developed. There will be common studies with Turkey Health Institutes Office, TIBITAK, and industry sector. By increasing Research & Development the local production and quality will be developed. And then our export and variety will increase and also qualified human and employment. Turkey will be one of the attractive centers in the world”


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