18 Şubat 2016

“Strong NGOs make strong sector”

F.A. Tolga Sözen, the chairman of Marmara Health Sector Businessmen Association (MASSİAD), replied the questions of Medikal News…

You are about to finish the first term of you in MASSİAD. What are done in your term? Could you tell?

As association we try to be in all foundation and activity in our sector. We are in touch with important foundaitons. At this point, we do join to the monthly meetings with NGOs of sector and Turkey Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK). In these meetings, we had a chance to give our opinions about the problems in our sector and some changes in Medical Devices Regulation and some problems in TİTUBB system. TİTCK participated in sector strategy meetings and prepared 2016-2020 Medical Device Sector Strategy Document and Action PLan. In 2015 we joined to the workshop about Production Monitoring System and declared our expectations and opinions about the regulations. And also in 2016 we will try to contribute to the regulation by joining to the workshop. Some studies about Social Insurance Institution and especially SUT Positive lists and our members joined them. And some meetings about repayments are continuing. I and other board members are working in TOBB, ITO, ISO, Exporters Association and discussing our comon problems in the meetings. As association we are taking place in İSEK (İstanbul Health Industry Aggregation). We are aware of being in tose foundations to make common solutions for the sector problems. Besides, the fairs, congresses and seminars are important for us. For instance, en 2015 firstly we took place in TÜYAP fair with 9 firms in MASSİAD Pavilion. We want to take place in this fair this year. We arranged some seminars, contact meetings for management in ITO and ISO and Market Supervision and Control. And as last we made a meeting in December to listen to all members’ problems. Furthermore, we are consulting to member firms of our association and also we will continue them.

When will the general meeting of MASSİAD be? Will you be candidate again?

Our general meeting will be done on 13th February, 2016. I have no special claim but there are 2 term rule in MASSİAD. For this I will be candidate for the next term. By the way, if there will be a new candidade, and I believe he will continue the MASSİAD tradition, then I help him.

Does the sector claim MASSİAD enough?

The strong NGOs make strong sector. Unfortunately, the sector doesn’t claim NGOs enough This is our big problem for years. For example, there are 2000-2500 medical firms in İstanbul and 10 percent of them are not member of any association. They don not think to be member to any association because of economic, politic problems. But the problems can be solved in an association. The institutes want the sector to be under NGOs and to be unite. In NGO elections they want to elect the foundations representing the sector mostly. MASSİAD has the most members than the other associations and different as information, infrastructure and ability so the foundations always pay regard to our association. In the last period we have seen there are only some firms which are members of a NGO are aware of the applications in the Medical Devices Regulation but others are unaware. We as MASSİAD are together with our members about this problem of the sector and we send some important information to the firms which are not our members. We support them by replying their questions. In order to mold public opinion I invite the sector firms to be member of any NGO before the foundations and be stronger through you. Of course if they accept, we will be happier.

How many members does MASSİAD have? Have you got any members out of İstanbul?

Our association has total 159 members, they are 34 producers-suppliers, 71 importers, 34 wholesalers-retailers. As association we made a general meeting on February of 2016 to got to all parts of Turkey. We accept all members not only from Marmara Region but also all Turkey. If there is a membership out of Marmara we direct them to TÜMDEF association. But if they prefer MASSİAD we accept them.

I think MASSİAD members follow the developments about sector in the association. What do you present to your members?

We as association try to inform to our members about all kinds of subjects. We follow all subjects such as regulations, law, notice, announcement and give information to our members, and send SMS for urgent subjects and publish on our website. Beside this, we make contact meetings via İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and İstanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) in order to meet more participants. We always thank to İTO and İSO for their support. In the last years the foundations began to take opinions of NGOs for regulations, rules and applications. About this, NGOs present their opinions. We are following the opinions of the member firms. So our firms are informed about all subjects and send their opinions in details. We are gathering all members of our association with the social activities and discuss in the meetings. With the solution partners, give service to the firms. Our lawyer and accountant support our firms in all subjects. Besides, according to the protocol between ReedTüyap and our federation our members take place in the fair with special fees.

Some firms give consultancy services, education and network solutions, for example Kiwa Meyer about İSO certification, 4M Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd.Şti about the services related to Health Ministry, and state supports in investment and export, import permissions, foreign staff work and residence, tourism and literary and industrial rights, DeltaMED Ajans ve Dil Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti about translation services, registration, medical research and documentation, KADRO OSGB Eğitim Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti about occupational health and risk analysis, first aid educations, Biz Life Danışmanlık about Research & Development Counsultancy, Small and Medium Sizeo Enterprises (KOBİ) consultancy, Investment Consultancy, EU Project Consultancy, Development Agency, Avcılar Sigorta Aracılık Hizm.Ltd.Şti. about wide insurance services, Turuncu Web about interactive solutions, foundational consultancy, eucation and network solutions. And also we make educational studies for our members. In the earlier years, we gave personal education such as management of time, crisis, stress, foundational communication, customer relations management, anger control. This year we plan to give trainings about the regulations and applications for our sector. Shortly, we are in common work with our firms and want to communicate the problems of our members to the relevant foundations.

What are your new studies for the next term?

As MASSİAD we will continue our studies and give reports to TİTCK, SGK, TKHK, Finance Ministry. Our reports will be submitted to all relevant foundations, ministries, undersecretaries, and the Prime Minister. We will visit KHB General Secretaries, Public Health Foundations, Local Health Authorities, Rectors, Deans and relevant administrators in our regions and inform them about the problems of our sector and members. For our members we will make contact meetings, educational activities. As we ae a dynamic sector, we will be active with our members and also foundations. Besides, we plan to increase the supports about education, information and source share in order that our members rival, comply with domestic market dynamics. And also we will be in touch with foreign associations, attache’s offices and foundations in order to make export and put on market.


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