13 Nisan 2015

Rönesans Health Investment Co., Will Spend 2 Billion Euros On PPP Projects

Adana Integrated Health Campus was selected “Europe’s Best Public-Private-Partnership-PPP” financing projects, which Rönesans has undertaken the construction.


Rönesans Health Investment Co, took its place among the leading investors in Turkey, which was founded in 2012 by transferring its 21 years of experience in international contracting. Rönesans Health Investment Co. is still is building Adana, Bursa and Elazığ  Health Campus, The Yozgat Education and Research Hospital. With a total of 6 thousand 818 bed capacity and 2 million square meters of construction area and cost of the project of the “Public-Private Partnership” investment will be done with model 2 billion euros. Rönesans Health Investment Co. is conducting the projects of Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Istanbul, Malatya, Samsun, Trabzon and Van will be implemented Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital and High Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. Upon completion of the investment under this hospital will be equipped with medical devices with advanced technology and Public-Private Partnership model will be run in conjunction with the Ministry of Health for 25 years. Rönesans Health Investment Co. domestic investment abroad as well as at the opening of Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, in Gabon and Senegal aim to make infrastructure investments. Rönesans Health Investment, Inc., Adana partner of international investment funds Meridiaan and 9 of work carried out by foreign banks for Integrated Health Campus was completed in December of 2014, 433 million Euros financial closing ceremony was carried out on 19 December. Adana Integrated Health Campus, a total of 1550 beds is considered among the world’s major investments in the health field with 3 different hospitals. All project has the distinction of being the first public-private partnership model agreement supported by foreign banks.


“Europe’s Best” from the Rönesans

On the other hand, the Rönesans Health Investment Holding Group companies with a total investment cost of 540 million euros in 1550 beds, which undertook the construction of Adana “Adana Integrated Health Campus” project received an award from Europe. Rönesans Health Investment French Meridiaan Infrastructure in collaboration with and all projects to be funded by a consortium of nine banks composed of foreign corporations, world-renowned global infrastructure and project finance platform by the Infrastructure journal global was chosen “Europe’s Best PPP (Public Private Partnership) Project.” “IJ Global Europe and Africa 2014 Award Ceremony” was held in London, England’s capital, which awarded the best projects of the sector. More than 500 industry representatives attended the awards ceremony that was held at the National Museum of History. At the ceremony, Rönesans Holding Chairman Dr. Erman Ilıcak, Rönesans Health Investment Chairman Kamil Yanıkömeroğlu, Meridiaan Founding Partner and CEO Thierry took the award for the “Adana Integrated Health Campus”project. Ijglobal, projects in the sector, the excellence in the energy and infrastructure finance in European and African countries, is awarded based on achievement and innovation criteria. The award is given each year to leaders in the field of project and company. www.rsy.com.tr



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