13 Nisan 2015

Europe’s Largest Medical Complex: Bilkent Integrated Health Campus

Turkey’s largest loan cantract completed Public Private Partnership project financing  agreement signings ceremony was held.

Financing contracts of the largest Public Private Partnership project completed Turkey’s loan agreement in health field was held signing ceremony. By DIA Holding will be implemented in the largest Public Private Partnership in Turkey’s health (PPP) project and Europe’s largest, the Ankara Bilkent Integrated Health Campus in the world, built at one time the largest hospital 1.2 billion euros of project financing the loan agreement was signed. Will be used to finance the project in the amount of EUR 890 million loan Turkey Garanti Bank, Denizbank AS, Turkey İş Bankası A.Ş., Finansbank, Siemens Financial Services, Garanti Bank SA, Yapı Kredi Bank A. Sti. and was provided by UniCredit Bank Austria AG. UniCredit Bank Austria AG, the largest tranche of funding agency gave the project to be involved as a financial consultant at Siemens Financial Services AG in the health sector so far has provided for this project. T. C. Ministry of Health Public Private Partnership model will be built with Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project Financing Agreement was signed in a ceremony held in Istanbul Bomonti IC Hilton Hotel. The project financing agreement between the projects planned to be held in Turkey in the health field with the Public Private Partnership model carries the largest project of its kind signed. 15 and the signing of the financing agreement in the amount of EUR 890 million consisting of maturity 18 years, Health Minister Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, was held with the participation of senior officials of the Ministry of Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek. DIA Holding Chairman Murat Cecen and Hassan Gozal the project at the signing ceremony hosted by provider organizations also participated in the financing of senior officials. Speakers include Turkey Garanti Bank Deputy General Manager Ebru Dildar, DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ates, Turkey Business Bank Deputy General Manager Suat Ince, Finansbank Deputy General Manager Omur Tan, UniCredit Bank Austria AG and Yapi Kredi Bank Deputy General Manager NiccoloUbertalli took place representing A.S.. Bilkent Integrated Health Campus of project finance ministers who attended the signing ceremony of the contract Muezzinoglu, he said he was happy for being in so important signing ceremony. “When this project began to talk of ‘fictitious’, we began a process by which we are faced with the phrase” the Muezzinoglu, finance, legal size, administrative structure, the manageability with 7-8 years back to get stressed that one’s beliefs us today from the days when lack of. Muezzinoglu stating that the 15 city hospitals with a bed capacity of 26 thousand public and private cooperation, “We saw the construction site of Bilkent Integrated Health Campus. Kayseri, in Elazig, Yozgat, and these processes have similar photos continues apace. Today we came Sanliurfa, Samsun, Tekirdağ and Denizli has started the bidding process, and you’ll come to the point that we will deliver the process is completed within 2-3 months of the contractor company, “he said. Muezzinoglu next month as of the High Planning Council (HPC), they receive the approval of Aydin and Kütahya transferring will be activated, “Sancaktepe, I believe the process HPC approval and 26 will project a thousand bed with about 20 thousand additional public-private cooperation and we intend that to be completed by the end of this year. In June of 2016, we will take into service Bilkent, “he said. Dia Holding Board Member Mehmet Ali Bayar, “Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, a creditor under a loan agreement with a consortium of Public Private Partnership Model in Turkey is the biggest project signed in international standards. This agreement is a milestone with this feature. Bilkent Campus, completed the 1.3 million square meters of construction area and Europe’s largest with 3,804 beds, will be the world’s second largest hospital. Likewise, the world has the largest hospital of its kind built in one go. This project will provide approximately 900 million euros in financing, creditor institutions in Turkey Garanti Bank, Denizbank AS, Turkey İş Bankası A.Ş., Finansbank, Siemens Financial Services, Garanti Bank SA, Yapi ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. and UniCredit Bank Austria AG. I thank you them because of confidence in our project. This ratio is of the largest credit facility provided to a public private partnership project, “he said. Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project, under the umbrella of public-private partnerships in Turkey, signed the loan agreement so far, indicating that the largest medical complex project, and Garanti Bank Deputy General Manager Ebru Dildar Edin, “Garanti Bank as it provides valuable project financing we are very pleased to be one of the banks, “he said. Edin continued: “These financing, carries a 18-year term, with the first of its kind for Turkish banks. Public investments in Turkey, public-private partnership models in recent years has significantly increased the importance and application of these models was further expanded. Especially the Ministry of Health, through this project in the mission field party established by the labor-intensive new buildings and the right of public-private cooperation with hospital projects began to be implemented, should the capital investment required for the financing of foreign investors and finance providers has become one of the area that attracts the most attention “.

Contribution to employment and the economy

DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ates said: “Our health sector banks for the loans in our country as of February 2015 at 475 million euros. Next year, Ankara Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project, including 18 years as a long-term € 200 million allocated to the health sector, in addition to our existing credit of 475 million euros, we aim to extend more credits. We provide this financial support while realizing the belief that we hear in the project, offers an important contribution to the sector’s growth. “In the Job Bank Vice President Suat Ince speech,” Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project and other city hospitals, developed with the Public Private Partnership model in different regions of the country and integrated health campus projects, the national targets set out in the health field is very important for achieving the additional burden on the public budget. This investment brings together the private sector is a common denominator with the public, employment and economic development of the contribution as well as members of the health services they need in place, timely and quality manner is obvious that it allows users to access, “he said. Anthony Casciano, Siemens Financial Services Department of Health Financing in his message to the signing ceremony, CEO of the “Turkish healthcare market has been undergoing a major transformation – this is a result of the government’s clear vision for the ambitious health reforms. Now is a milestone in the funding levels are capable of Bilkent Integrated Health Campus PPP model, “he said. Finansbank Executive Vice President Life Tan, “We aim to Health Sector Public Private Partnership project scope is one of the leading banks started to work Finansbank project financing reaches to increase market share and effectiveness of similar Public Private Partnership projects and expand. Turkey is not only one of Europe’s largest hospital project in Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project financing are taking place with 15 year term tranche of EUR 125 million, “he said.

3804 beds capacity

Public Private Partnership model in the world that were launched in cooperation with the private sector, taking examples from common practice and investment in the public’s basic functions, financing and taking over the public a significant burden in terms of quality, the citizen is a new investment and business model envisages the provision of services in the contemporary standards. In this model, full of health services to be offered by the public as so far, the financing of the hospital campus, while the construction and operation is expected to be undertaken by the private sector. Providing significant savings to the public in this regard, increase the quality of service and efficiency are designed. Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, with a covered area of 1.3 million square meters, “Europe’s largest and the world’s largest hospital complex is made under one contract will be”. Average of 5,000 per day by 3804, including emergency beds on campus that will serve 50,000 patients and unhealthy to provide employment for more than 8,000 sanitary personnel. Bilkent Integrated Health Campus of Ankara and neighboring provinces, as well as our country, make it into a regional center of attraction will highlight the international health tourism and is expected to provide services to the surrounding countries. DIA Holding, Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project, Mersin, as well as Minister of Health Integrated Health Campus Project, 272 million euros in the size of the loan agreement with the participation of Mehmet Müezzinoğlu signed on November 21, 2014. The construction of the 1259-bed hospital is in continuing.


1) Müezzinoğlu said, “Bilkent will be put into service in June 2016″.

2) Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu

3) The campus will have a capacity of 3804 beds.

4) Participants in the signing ceremony are seen together.


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