13 Nisan 2015

Biomedical Engineers Should Be Involved In Strategic Planning

Health Policy Board Member Metin Genç, “I suggest making a master’s degree to the ones who graduated from biomedical engineering department,” said.


Namık Kemal University 4th Symposium of Biomedical Engineering Students Expomedia Fair in Istanbul Day 3 was held in ExpoMED in Tüyap. Advisor to the Minister of Health and Health Policy Committee Member Metin Genç, Namik Kemal University, Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Betul Taşdelen, Symposium Chairman Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hale Pınar Zengingönül, Yeditepe University, Biomedical Engineering Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Ertaş, GE Healthcare Turkey has participated in numerous biomedical engineering students with IT Product Manager Derya Akbaş. In his opening speech of the symposium Assoc. Dr. Betul Taşdelen, “Our department has been opened in 2009-2010. We conduct education and research activities in the biomedical field. We have students from all regions of Turkey”. Indicating that students symposium has gained a national identity. Dr. Taşdelen, “a large number of biomedical students from other universities are now watching our symposium. This makes us happy. We wish the students are also with us after graduating.  Advisor to the Minister of Health and Health Policy Committee Member Metin Genç also emphasized the importance of biomedical engineering in the conversation. Young, “University of Health Sciences is being established in Istanbul. 6 institutes will be within the University. Institute of Biotechnology is the most important of these institutions. Ministry will support for those who want to invest in this direction. Ministry of Health will also support those who want to work in R & D or in production. Biomedical Engineering graduated students are working in hospitals in Clinical Engineering departments.Metin Genç said that we can collect the  health guiding factors of the industry in four main topics; economic factors, social and demographic factors, technological factors and regulations. “There is currently 2494 health facilities within the Ministry. 757 of them are hospitals, 1737 of them are primary healthcare facility. Ministry of Health hospitals have the highest technologies. These people who run this time, unfortunately, was not the most high-tech professionals. Professional people in health care organizations and biomedical engineers  now started to manage and buy this high-tech. “Ministry of Health hospitals have; 6 tomoterap, 30-PET / CT 121 Gamma Camera, 5 Cyberknife, 57 Linac, 244 MR, 507 BT, 4546 USG and 4557 dialysis device said Metin Genç, “We have a technology park in a serious sense. There is a need of  biomedical engineers to use this technology, he said. The number of beds per thousand people, according to OECD figures 10 to 50, while in Turkey, Genç indicates 26, the number of beds with city hospitals noted that increase in the coming years. They are aiming to reach a total of 50,541 beds, in the framework of Vision 2023, saying that the target is 168 thousand qualified bed Genç, said they have weights on preventive health care. “You can not manage the thing that you can not measure” Genç  continued his words: “Materials and effective management of inventory information should be correct for you to do it right. Should be followed step by step all the medical equipment in a hospital. Barcoding of all equipment. We want the biomedical engineers to take part in the strategic planning. While reducing costs, we need to buy technology to improve the quality of health care. Establishing a continuous awareness of the new technology. I suggest making a master’s degree to the ones who graduated from biomedical engineering department. Supply management issues is also important. The devices should be working so that you can offer your service at a health facility. Therefore, you have to establish very good relations with suppliers. It is also very important to manage the contract. These biomedical engineers should follow, should manage the contract. The supplier is also necessary to determine clearly the duties and responsibilities of the contractor. ”


Health Policy Board Member Metin Genç.


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