13 Nisan 2015

30 Thousand Visitors Came Together In ExpoMED Fair For Medical Technology

Eurasian indispensable medical meeting point ExpoMED and LabtechMed, opened its doors for the  22. times to the health professional in TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center.

Eurasian indispensable medical meeting point ExpoMED and LabtechMed, opened its doors for the 22. times to the health professional in TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center on 26-29 March. In this health industry’s most important trade fair platform; over 1200 firms and company representatives, visitors over 30 thousand, from 45 countries met in Expomedia participation. This year, showing an increase every aspect of scientific events and VIP visitors mass movement of professionals who come to the fair from all over the world for their innovation Expomedia Eurasia in Istanbul the medical sector gathered under the same roof. Italy was the last years honor country of the ExpoMED and this years country of honor is China. To the opening of the trade, Emergency Medical Services General Manager Assoc. Dr. Osman Arıkan Nacar, Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Health Elsevar Aghayev, Ministry of Health of Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Vice President Ali Said Septioğlu, TÜMDEF Chairman Kemal Yaz, SEİS President of the text Iron MASSİAD President Mohamed said, the Turkish Kidney Foundation President Timur Erk, China Republic Attaché, Ataturk University Rector Dr. Hikmet Koçak, Reed TÜYAP Fairs Inc. General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu and industry representatives took place.

It will be held in 2016 April

ExpoMED-labtechMED Fair Project Group President Gökhan Evcil said in his speech at the exhibition’s opening, “Representatives seeking to expand into new markets, aimed at finding new customers,  ExpoMED the right platform that will meet the leaders and participants who wish to strengthen thier brands with this fair, the fair is developing day by day with the acceleration captured.  “Reed TÜYAP Fairs Inc. General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu also said: “I have ambitious growth targets for the coming year of the health sector. In this growth targets there is also an important place of ExpoMED and labtechMED fair. Every year we have a growing exhibition. This year the fair has reached 60 thousand square meters. Our fair hs a visitor traffic of  Russia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, in his sector continues to be added to speed with the many novelties. Our fair in 2016 will be held between 14-17 of April. In 2016 we changed the logo of our fair. In 43 countries, we continue our works for the next year’s fair. We will keep our website active for 12 months in a year.”

“Medical device industry is getting stronger in Turkey”

Emergency Medical Services General Manager Assoc. Dr. Osman Arıkan Nacar said in his speech the increase of the growth in Expomedia Fair expressed his satisfaction. Nacar underlines that medical device industry is not local it is a very big global sectorr, “Today the sector, which has $ 400 billion in volume in the world, 90 per cent portion of the 30 large companies, we see that the 27 thousand companies to divide the 10 percent. The medical devices sector in Turkey grew with each passing day, to develop stronger. When we look at 1995s, approximately $ 350 million increased by 6.5 times the size of this market today is 2.5 billion dollars. When we look at our exports, our exports to $ 23 million to $ 350 million increased approximately 16 times. We see very clearly that as exports increase 16 times, the production of power in this country  increases too. We, as Ministry of Health, always support the need of  medical device sector transportation to the country of new products, the provision of service to our patients, the added value of  both domestic industry producing high innovative products, as our policies. By establishing health sector assessment unit under the Health Research General Management in this sector was introduced to evaluate at a higher level. To increase domestic production, Turkey will transfer technology, know-how to develop, an off-set to boost exports,begun the process. Law, regulations are also output. With the Ministry of Health related institutions to follow this process, “he said.


Industry representatives met at the opening of ExpoMED


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