13 Nisan 2015

There Is a Defense To The Use Of Domestic Goods In Public and Private, Too.

Cengiz Balçık says; ‘Long time to get to the market acceptance of new domestic devices has led to limited production in medical devices sector’.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Member of Parliament and Marmara Healthcare Sector Businessmen Association (MASSIAD) Member of the Supervisory Board, we held an interview with Cengiz Balçık.

How to break prejudices against domestic product of the public and the private sector?

Starting from the 1st month of 2015 has become mandatory in 15 percent of domestic production advantages tender subject to the JCC. This will provide significant benefits to domestic producers. The defense in the use of domestic goods in both public and private sector is one of the important problems. Our manufacturers have been producing for medical device directives. Mainly engaged in the production of certified organizations control our devices with the CE marking number supply the highly reliable products to the market by applying the same production processes in the developed countries of the world. On behalf of Ministry of Health the EU’s approved audit institutions make  these inspections every 6 months and immediately intervene in case of a negative situation. In our country a long time to take the time to market acceptance of new exhibited domestic devices is one of the causes of limited production  in medical device industry. User and Market dominated by the lobbies of foreign firms are defending to domestic goods by affecting the user. Both the public’s and private sector’s rejection of users  medical devices given by the competent authorities, the Ministry of Health and has to inform the competent authorities to the market surveillance audit is mandatory. This will both solve the problems between the user and the manufacturer and protect the right of right sides. As a result, produced in standards, controlled certified devices in presenting to the market need to be stopped such technical hurdles,  the user’s or purchaser’s decision should not be final decision. Summarize both the public and private sectors will also be used in the domestic medical device, to be made by the authority’s description with that in the control of the ministry of domestic goods medical device can be safely used, declaring that the obligation to notify the institution in case of non-conformities to support the production is one of the most important contributions to the production.

The medical device industry is suffering from the tenders. How to be prepared tenders and technical specifications?

In a significant portion of tender processes made up by 2014 has not been made any advantage to the domestic  production. Since 2015 with amendments to the JCC has become mandatory for domestic products to 15 percent price advantage. The most important problem faced by domestic manufacturers in tenders is the problem of adoption domestic goods. The problem of reliance to domestic goods for many years has become more sensitive when human health is of concern. Snide market rulers have increased the defense of purchasing the continuing negative propagandas by means of both buyers and congresses for making the supply of  new domestic device difficult. I just mentioned that we produce medical devices, such as that produced in the production process adopted by the world and even though we mention that some tender commission inspected during the auction, users can not be convinced about it. As a result of decisions to reject, objection of our manufacturers  are not generally accepted as well as our requests of test, expert and accredited laboratory are not taken any notice. In short, for many years to plan and leads to design commercial goods into our every kind of document with accredited devices we no test laboratory results without the user with the decision rejecting the investment and new products to fight for the adoption of our products by breaking our enthusiasm to waste our ettirilerek energy. The device according to the decision to reject the results of accredited laboratories, we believe the decision to resolve the grievance manufacturer. Ministry of Health should not be required in the tender notice also explicitly request the specified document and the document, writing special requirements to technical specifications, the longer the tender process, failure to comply with the calendar of payment specified in the contract, the delivery if the remaining parties Uhde of Companies requesting short delivery day of the desired device, be ordered at very low cost, deliveries are faced with immediate problems such as the difficulty to remove. As a result, we are manufacturers who invest in our country, employment and value added constituent of our country who support the production development, strategic product producing organizations are working to eliminate our dependence on foreign countries. We want to contribute to our country’s 2023 targets. We want that both the public and private sectors act with a sense they will strengthen us with support the domestic goods.

How many medical device companies which make production are there  in Turkey? Is the export in the desired level?

In our country, there are about 1,200 companies registered in Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices National Data Bank as a manufacturer records. There are 2,500 companies registered in the import business. As it is known in our country for medical devices market is around $ 3 billion, but it can produce 15 or 18 percent. This production unit sale as though it is about 15 percent -18 percent share of around 9 received from the SSI refund. In this case, to us, is an indication that the added value of our product range offered to the market with low product variety. Our exports of imports to exports ratio is around the £ 700 million Although a rapid increase in proportion to around 9 percent last year. Our exports to lack the desired level of production has reached the desired levels.

You also have a company engaged in production. What are you experiencing such problems when exporting?

Medical devices are produced in many middle and low-tech production in our industry. This type of device manufacturers in the world is very high. Middle East, Turkish Republics and the East bloc countries in exports to the country’s exports to the country by being licensed by the local authority can be made. Authority, and have similar production in countries with protection walls as they do their best interests in all kinds of difficulties impede competition. Such blocking is also a world beyond our exporters, with the support and encouragement they receive cheap device issuers are forced to compete with China. On exports to the developed countries to the EU and China again emerges factor. In addition to our production according to the production of similar devices heir to EU legislation in their countries, although we hold the right to free movement in customs, additional tests, costs, are fitted to prevent such techniques.

What are your expectations from the government?

As is known to produce high-tech medical device specific engineering discipline requires technological infrastructure. Our government to investors who want to produce such devices should be in addition to the financial support of their institutions, as well as to bring the ease of use of the private sector’s technology infrastructure, as well as the innovations they found should facilitate the adaptation by informing investors. Our state of mind, design, research, science will bring together the established media should be prepared, should facilitate access to here.



Does our manufacturer devote sufficient resources for R & D?

Infrastructure technology to produce devices with advanced technology requires engineering disciplines. Already companies that produce high-tech products are the few companies in the world. These carriers electronics, computers, software, mechanical engineering innovations they are making in vb.gibi of innovative production by adapting to the medical device industry as they adapt to different sectors. Computer software in our country in recent years, significant progress recorded in the electronic field, have begun to compete with rivals in the world with a very important industrial facilities. Our company through the use of the products they design and engineering information technology infrastructure of such major industrial plants are able to find commercial property conversion opportunities. However, such attempts have been very few and limited. The biggest problem here is the limited retention of knowledge sharing large firms, manufacturers also give adequate importance to our R & D is one of their major problems. Our manufacturers are generally easier to go to work to design replica products. The important part of our company operating in the sector average of 15 people are running enters the small SME class. Difficult access to financing, is troubled financial structures. Therefore, they can not transfer sufficient resources to R & D. The most important attempt to do in this regard; thinking together, sharing information, can be one of collaboration and clustering solutions.

What are your views on Off-Set application and transfer of technology?

The most important application of technology transfer to be done for our country and on the basis of this transfer is to improve production and product. Off-Set application is one of the most accurate decisions in this regard. Contribution rate of the purchase guarantee, while the production of medical devices in our country will be sold in yükleniciye or producing in our country producers in the open tender for the high equipment of technology in public procurement and the ability to be exported this production imposes financial responsibility with the means to measure. This application is the best example of the application of the purchase carrying aircraft have been successful and has increased our sector in the implementation of decisions and laws. Implementation is expected to notification. This implementation technology is one of the most important applications of high value-added device to be produced. Seminars, brochures relevant authorities. NGOs to inform the manufacturer of the sector as soon as the application by way of means should be implemented.

How to be profited from the investment support?

Our country has gone to significant changes in industrial policy has begun to provide significant support and incentives to invest in production. These will be summarized in; Supports given by TUBITAK (designed projected product project funding), supports received through Development Agencies  (usually given to SMEs with little turnover, increased capacity, energy efficiency, saving methods of support, etc projects), regional incentives given to investment projects (6 regions separated by teşviklery allocation, Social Security benefits, tax benefits, interest support, KDV exemption, etc.), supports of KOSGEB, (finance, trade fairs, software, qualified personnel, brochures, certification etc. supports), supports of IŞKUR (job training supports,  intern supports ). These supports can be taken easily given roadmap.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Member of  Cengiz Balçık.


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